Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crochet Squares...

Ah, today I am getting my sunshine!  I have windows and doors open -- just until it starts getting chilly later this afternoon, mind you.

I have been involved in a granny square swap with Debi over at Dly's Hooks and Yarns over the last few months.  Last week I received from her a beautiful blue granny square, a notepad, and a couple other little gifts that seemed to disappear as fast as I opened the envelope.  Thank you, Debi.

By now, Debi has posted about the squares I sent her.  Her blanket is going to be huge by the time she gets it all together!

I sent Debi two regular grannies, one granny I kinda made up as I went along (upper left).  I have seen them around before but I wasn't following any pattern.  What really happened -- my son was hogging (LOL) the computer and I couldn't get to the printer.  So I just started crocheting and that's what I ended up with; it turned out okay.  The square on the bottom right is called Bea's Flower.  It's from a Norwegian blog called Knitting and Some More.  Some of the instructions are tough to follow, but using the picture helps a lot.  I don't know if my square looks like Bea's square, but I like it.

So that's just a couple of things I've finished lately.  I have one of the two baby afghans done; and, I suddenly realized last night my niece is graduating high school in a couple of months!  More projects; that's okay.  Keeps me out of the stores as I am trying to use stash yarn as much as possible.

Everyone has a good rest of the week!

Renee  :)


  1. You're welcome Renee - thanks for my squares too. :)

  2. Very pretty grannies in your photos. I love that notebook too with the paisley pattern. I love paisley designs. It would be fun to crochet paisley patterns and join them together to make a scarf. Just need someone to come up with a some patterns.
    Anne xx

  3. Those squares are lovely great colours. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  4. Uber love for grannies! Especially that bottom pink one - gorg!

  5. The love of the granny, ever popular, colorful and cheering...one never gets tired of them at all..