Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Better Place to Shop...

Hi, hi to all of you.  I've been reading some horror stories about how Blogger is losing posts.  So I'm going to try this and we'll see what happens.  :)

Remember oh-so-long-ago when I put up a Shop page?  Then I took it down for re-vamping?  I've decided to just go back to selling on eBay.  My husband and I have sold off and on for years on eBay.  Combined, we are known as Spear401.

If you click on my link above, you will be shown my current auctions.  Right now, I have tons of crochet and cross-stitch patterns listed, including a lot of Magic Crochet magazines.  I do ship world-wide.  Remember, to ask any and all questions before the auction ends.  :)

Thanks, and have a good week!

Renee  :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crochet Squares...

Ah, today I am getting my sunshine!  I have windows and doors open -- just until it starts getting chilly later this afternoon, mind you.

I have been involved in a granny square swap with Debi over at Dly's Hooks and Yarns over the last few months.  Last week I received from her a beautiful blue granny square, a notepad, and a couple other little gifts that seemed to disappear as fast as I opened the envelope.  Thank you, Debi.

By now, Debi has posted about the squares I sent her.  Her blanket is going to be huge by the time she gets it all together!

I sent Debi two regular grannies, one granny I kinda made up as I went along (upper left).  I have seen them around before but I wasn't following any pattern.  What really happened -- my son was hogging (LOL) the computer and I couldn't get to the printer.  So I just started crocheting and that's what I ended up with; it turned out okay.  The square on the bottom right is called Bea's Flower.  It's from a Norwegian blog called Knitting and Some More.  Some of the instructions are tough to follow, but using the picture helps a lot.  I don't know if my square looks like Bea's square, but I like it.

So that's just a couple of things I've finished lately.  I have one of the two baby afghans done; and, I suddenly realized last night my niece is graduating high school in a couple of months!  More projects; that's okay.  Keeps me out of the stores as I am trying to use stash yarn as much as possible.

Everyone has a good rest of the week!

Renee  :)