Friday, February 3, 2012

Your Chance to Have a SIBOL Blanket...

I'm sure most of you know about SIBOL and Mrs. Twins' mission to blanket the elderly in her part of England.  She often runs challenges to produce some amazing afghans.  A couple of those 'ghans have gone to raising funds for different charities.

The newest afghan making SIBOL headlines is now listed on eBay for your bidding pleasure.  The THINK PINK BLANKET is so pretty in pink.  (Original, I know; and yes, I do like Molly Ringwald.)  I have made a few bids and was outbid every time.  The auction runs for the next seven days.

So I wish a safe and relaxing weekend to all!

Renee  :)

P.S.:  Remember yesterday was the mailing day for Share A Square?  Well, it was also my 26th wedding anniversary.  You know what we did for that auspicious occasion?  That's right, we went to the Post Office!  LOL.


  1. Oh! That is fantastic! I hadn't seen that yet.

  2. Hi, your blanket is beautiful and just so girly and pretty. Love the fact you have used so many different styles and textures. I am new to crochet and the amount of styles you can do just makes my mind boggle ;-) I have found you via the The 8th gem. Have a lovely week, dee x

    1. Miss Dee, thanks for your comment. I only wish I could take credit for this blanket. Sue, Mrs. Twins, at SIBOL, orchestrates the blankets. Different people sign up for different squares. I'm embarrassed to say, the only square I made for one of SIBOL's challenges ended up packed when we moved last summer. When I finally found it and sent it, it arrived to her about a month or more late. Thanks for following me.

      Renee :)