Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Five Days Away...

Hello All!  My  goodness, I have been offline since last Wednesday.

Our computer was getting sooo slow even with one of the faster hook-ups we could get (Charter).  My husband was convinced we had a virus.  I just thought we needed more RAM.  He took it in last Wednesday and we got it back late yesterday (Monday).

Yes, we had spyware and some sort of malware.  Yes, we got another gigabyte of memory.  Now, it's just as slow as ever!  Checking the system settings says we only have one-third of the RAM we paid for.  My husband will have to open up the tower and see if the technician actually put the new memory card in!  The machine might have to go back to the shop today!

AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH.  Bad timing, it's coming to the first of the month and bill-paying time.  I pay all my bills online.

Just-so-you-know:  Before the computer went to the shop, I had taken my Store page down to work on it.  So there is presently NO link showing because the page is back in Draft mode.

So I shall be back in touch when my computer situation is straightened out.  I can be contacted through my profile, if need be.

Have a good week!
Renee  :)


  1. Hope it all clears up for you! One thing we have on our computer is a free product called CCleaner. We run it every time we log off the internet and it cleans out the cache and all the cookies left behind. (We also don't leave the internet up all day - only when we're actively using it. And we turn the computer off and unplug it between sessions.)

    Comodo Internet Security Premium and AdAware (more free programs) are also very good at catching malware as soon as it pops up.

    Good luck, and thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. Replies
    1. It's called "Spirit of the Night" by John Atkinson Grimshaw. It can be found here: http://www.johnatkinsongrimshaw.org/Spirit-of-the-Night.html

      Renee :)