Thursday, February 2, 2012

Share A Square 2011 - 2012... Last Deadline

Today is the last mailing day for the current Share A Square campaign.  Shelly Tucker, of This Eclectic Life, has done 3 different years of making 150 afghans for kids with cancer attending summer camps.  Let's do the math:  150 afghans x 80 squares each.  Each square is 6 inches.  That's a lot of volunteers making squares.  Shelly has a Facebook group and Ravelry group where most of the communication happens.

Shelly likes each afghan to contain only one square from each person, so only 150 squares to a person.  There is a way around that, of course.  Simply donate in the name of someone else.  I missed the first two deadlines, I am sending 50 this time.

Here are pictures of some of my squares.  I guess I accidentally deleted some photos of some squares, I guess.  Or maybe I forgot to photograph them to begin with.  I don't know.  I don't have Alzheimer's, I have Sometimer's.

Anyway...  good old granny squares in the first photo, Vintage Wheel squares in the next photo, and all 50 squares in the last one. 

In the last photo:  the stack on the front left is all Never-Ending Blanket squares,  The right front stack contains all the various squares that are not granny or Never-Ending Blanket squares.  I did make a couple using the Sunburst pattern that I also used for Debi's recent granny swap.  And a couple of my own patterns where I tried to "square the circle".  The two stacks in back are those traditional granny squares.  So, fifty in all.  I'm kinda over 6 inch squares at the moment.  LOL.

I hope everyone is having a great week. 

Renee  :)


  1. All of the square look great, Renee!

  2. Hey there! I love your bio. My cousin tried to teach me to knit but it just didn't make any sense. Crochet is so much easier. I cross-stitched for soooooooooooo many years but that has kinda taken a backseat of late. Your squares are great. Crocheting for a good cause is always a wonderful thing. Hope you are having a good day. Tammy

  3. I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop: