Monday, October 31, 2011

A Long While...

Well, I have been gone awhile.  What's been happening and what I've been crocheting all that time? 

We've moved:  different house, same town.  I currently have a broken foot; so much is unpacked even at this late point.  I DID make sure where my yarn and patterns ended up in the new house, but I think I still have more yarn in the garage.  Hmm, problems and dilemmas.

Hooky-wise, let's see.  Three squares for SIBOL, but I neglected to take pictures.  AND, try as I might, they ended up packed and moved to the new house.  So I was the reason Mrs. Twins' Jan Eaton (3) was late in being done.  And, you can tell how early in the summer this was.  The Jan Eaton (3) blanket was #82.  Mrs. Twins and SIBOL are currently on #107!

Utilitarian crocheting from my stash is what came next: a dishcloth made with thrifted Peaches 'n' Creme, a beautiful self-striping green.  I had to make the dishcloth because this house doesn't have a dishwasher!  I was the dishwasher, et al, til I broke my foot.  Now it's my poor husband.

Then came a rug to put between the kitchen and dining room, but has ended up where the dogs like to sleep (one at a time, thankfully).  Oh, lesson learned on this one to use stitch markers if I don't want to count.  The rug does tend to veer out a bit at one end, bottom left in the pic.  It's a lot more noticeable in person.  Two strands held together of Red Heart Super Saver, half doubles and double crochets, made up as I went along.  This went so fast, and not as fiddly as I thought two strands would be.  This was my first time using two strands held together and an 'N' sized hook.  Easy peasy!

I am still working on the blanket I started last year.  I have all 35 squares done now, they measure 11" each.  I am trying  some different joining methods.  Nothing's really clicking yet.

A Happy and Safe Halloween to all!

Renee  :)

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  1. It's lovely to hear from you again. Poor you with a broken foot. I hope that heals soon. Gives you time to crochet though. :)
    Anne xx