Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello one and all, and welcome to my new blog. I am not at all creative but I struggle through. I crochet at times. Once in awhile I cross-stitch. I LOVE trying to be creative and such.

My current WIP is a blanket for a Christmas present (not saying who, of course! in case they are reading this). My plan for this afghan/blanket is 5 designs, 7 squares each. Three of the blocks are Chris Simon's, from White = Birthday Flower, Green = Butterfly Garden, Yellow = Supernova. The blue, however, is one of my own designs -- kinda rough around the edges. As are my photo skills! The last design is still undecided at this point. I know, getting late...

We had our first snowfall this morning. Snowed, covered the ground, melted away -- all in 2 hours! Still cold, though.

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Okay, and I need to figure out the linky thing. Thanks for stopping by. See you next time!