Thursday, April 14, 2011

SmoothFox and Online Angels...

Charity Square No 1
 If you don't know SmoothFox and her patterns, she is very ingenious in designing and generous in giving free crochet patterns.  She focuses primarily on squares, but does venture into baby blankets and scarfs.  In the past few months, she has branched out to knitting, and designs and patterns for knitting.  All her patterns are listed on Ravelry as well as her blog.

Charity Square No. 2
In February 2011, she announced she would dedicate 4 charity patterns to her favorite charity -- Online Angels.  These patterns are for crocheted squares (6" or 12").  Cindy (at SmoothFox) will email the patterns to you IF you make one square per requested pattern.  The idea, of course, then is to ship the completed squares to Online Angels who will assemble them into afghans.  Online angels is a charity that distributes hand-made items and other supplies to those in need.  They run great programs!
Charity Square No. 3

I requested all 4 patterns because... well, because I like me some free patterns!  Ah, but that meant I committed to making at least 4 squares.  So, I ended up making 3 from each pattern = 12.  I made 8 quick and easy granny squares.  That equals 20 squares of  the 6" variety.  Yay me!  I'm good, I'm on a roll.  Let's make some 12-inchers! 

Hah!  I did 2 granny variations and decided the
big squares are NOT for me.  They take way too
long.  Give me the quick and easy of 6" squares
Charity Square 4

SmoothFox opened this challenge on February 25.  The goal was 500 squares by ending date April 30, 2011.  On April 9, she revised the goal upwards to 800 due to the fact over 600 squares had been received.  As of today, as listed in her sidebar, over 700 have been received -- that's with 11 days to go!  

6" Charity Granny Squares
She also gives special mention to those crocheters who make and send in 20 or more squares.  Guess what?  I have 22 ready to go to the post office.  Yay me!  Am I shallow enough to want to be on the "Special Kudos" list?  You betcha!

Everyone have a great and safe weekend!

Renee   :)

12" Charity Granny Squares
UPDATE:  Link your stuff at AnneMarie's Breiblog. 


  1. Hi Renee, I just wanted to say a BIG thank-you for the lovely package you sent to me for the pif.
    We have been away and it was waiting for me when we returned. I feel like I have been chasing myself this week, so when I get some more time I will get it on my blog. Thank-you very much. Also what do I do now, do I have a pif giveaway? How does this work?