Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week... Day Three

Hello All!  Today's post is all about Organization.  Oooo, that sounds so official.  I say that because my stash yarn is NOT organized to any great extent.

My current project(s) usually reside somewhere near my end of the dining room table.  Don't look behind or to the side of my chair.  You cannot see the floor or lower wall for the bags of yarn and/or WIPs sitting there.  Drives my husband insane, let me tell you.  And he truly does not understand the concept of having more than one project going at a time.

I have several large plastic bins full of yarn and various crafty things; these currently live in the garage.  Those are the bins I found the 28 granny squares in awhile ago.  They are currently a WIP to become a blanket; I am using Priscilla Hewitt's flat braid join.  Once I figured how to do it, it works like a charm!

If you think you will see a photo of my dining room and my wonderfully messy work area, think again!  I will leave you with the image of "My Sweet Rose" aka "The Soul of a Rose" by John William Waterhouse, courtesy of  This is such a calming picture for me.

See ya tomorrow!
Renee  :)

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  1. Yes, that's a lovely picture. Chicken ;-)

  2. Renee, I have emailed you with my address and it came back to me saying it was unable to deliver! I used the email you left on my comments. Maybe you could email me.