Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Garlands... Part 2

Morning to all... even if it's not morning where you are!

Thanks to all who have commented on my Spring Garlands.  I just became aware not too long ago of the copyright issues involved concerning the publishing of the pattern/diagram for the Japanese flowers.  Copyright must be respected, and so the diagram and links have been taken down from Lucy's post.  I also believe the book from which the pattern is taken is sold out in most places.  Motif Book, Vol. 4 by Nihon Vogue Sha (September 2006) is the book which features the original pattern.

I hope everyone has the best weekend.  We have tons of snow here -- last of Winter's storms, first of Spring's.

Renee  :)

UPDATE:  Elizabeth Cat still has her version of the pattern posted here as a tutorial.  So Lovely!

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