Thursday, January 26, 2012

Granny, At Last...

Ha, not what you think! 

I have finally finished the new square for the second round of Debi's Granny Square Swap.  It's based on Priscilla Hewitt's Amber Waves square.  First time I've done dtr (double triple crochet), ack!  Oh well, it's good for us to do different things once in awhile, she said very wisely.

I thought I would make all the squares in this swap with the same 3 colors.  I also decided to send a coordinating granny square in plain colors.  One of them is to go with the first square sent out last month, and the other is for this month.  (Don't look at the dust on the back of the couch, please.  Oh, sure, now everybody's looking at the dusty couch.  LOL.)

Here's a photo of the Amber Waves square from Flickr, via Ravelry, for your comparison.  The pattern called for an E hook, but I used my favorite hook, size H, and Red Heart Super Saver.  I had to eliminate Round 6 and do the last round in sc to make a 6 inch square.  But I think it turned out very well.  This crocheter, Larcy, also modified her square, out to 12 inches.  Looks great, doesn't it?  I think this could make a nice afghan using just this pattern, or as part of a mix of different squares.

Now, I have to tell Debi I didn't send out her squares last weekend as I promised.  Heck, they weren't even finished until last night,oops! I'm still within the deadline of January 31, but that's my excuse, not a reason.  How about the fact I'm the biggest procrastinator I know?  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Happy rest of Thursday (or whatever day it is for you) to you,

Renee  :)

P.S.  I found my books for my Game of Thrones reading challenge, and I wasn't even looking for them!  Wow, am I good or what?

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  1. It looks nice Renee - and it's ok - you're not late. :)