Sunday, February 20, 2011

Share A Square...

Hello again.  I've finished 12 squares for Shelly Tucker's This Eclectic Life project called Share A Square.  She has taken on a massive mission to make 150 afghans for kids with cancer.  Each afghan is 80 6" squares.  I think these can rightly be called blankets, not afghans!

Out of the 12 squares, 5 are standard grannies.  Another granny has my very first flower on it.  And 2 of the patterns are my own; the 3 squares in the 2nd photo and the 2 pink ones in the 3rd photo.  The back one in the 3rd photo is a log cabin pattern from Dutch Girl Diary.  All the yarn is from my stash.  I don't think these squares even made a dent in my yarn, I have so much!

I went to mail the squares this afternoon.  Our post office has a machine in the lobby to do your own mailing.  It's a handy little thing.  But just because it's a 3-day holiday, the machine was not taking either of my debit cards - Visa or the other one that starts with an M.  I will have to go back on Tuesday and try again.


  1. This is a very worthwhile cause Renee!
    Beautiful squares too!
    Just to say thanks for naming Louises' blanket.
    Flowers for Florence has been chosen, she loved that name!
    Thanks for the comments, and keep up the good work on your blog!
    Hugs Suex

  2. Thank you very much for the kind words today on my blog Renee!
    I hope you have had a nice weekend, with plenty of your favourite thing!
    Love Suex

  3. hello - great squares - the colours are fab. you asked a question on my blog about needlepoint and cross stitch - i dont know! New to it and just thought it was as it is crosses.... i need all the help i can get as hopefully will be opening a shop that sells it all! any advice taken so thank you. x

  4. What a neat project, and those are great colors for kid! They will brighten spirits for sure!

  5. Your squares are lovely! I love all the colors you used.

  6. What a wonderful lot you've made with so many color combinations. Perfect.