Friday, January 14, 2011

PIF Goodies in the Mail...

Yesterday I received, in the mail, from Clara (our reappearing blogger friend - yay!), my PIF gifties! How's that for a run-on sentence?

The wonderful Clara sent me a lovely, soft green scarf. I love, love, love it! This woman is clara-voyant (bad, huh?). She also sent me a quilted bag for my crochet hooks and stuff. How did she know I needed one? Hmm, who told her? And a pattern book for Christmas ornaments. As I told her, I don't NEED another pattern book, but I sure WANT another pattern book! LOL. She also sent a really nice card along in the package.

Okay, this means I get to do my own PIF -- Pay it Forward give-away. PIFs fall into the category of Random Acts of Kindness.

Just comment anytime from now until Friday, January 28 on one of my posts. I will pick the names of 3 people and send them 3 things from me. At least one of the gifts will be handmade. The winners of my PIF must then send gifts onto 3 people of their own. Within 3 months is a reasonable timeframe for the send-out. Plus you get a couple of ready-made posts for your blog!

A couple of links here and here if you want to know more about Pay It Forward. PIFs seem to be happening all over blogdom nowadays.

All I can say for sure, is getting that nice bundle of crochet goodies just made my day. Thanks, Clara!

Bloghop and links are courtesy of AnneMarie's Breiblog:


  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by the other day flowers would look great on your new found grannies. The color of the scarf is nice and happy. Do I have to join the blog hop, to enter the pif? It sounds good. Gail :)

  2. Oh, no bloghopping required for the PIF. I just thought it would be fun to see a bunch of blogs I don't normally read. There's some gorgeous stuff out there in blogland!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks Renee for the mention and so glad you like your package. I love how you've introduced your PIF, very well done. Have a fantastic weekend Renee!

  4. Hi Renee, I would love to join the PIF. Thanks!

  5. HI ! Mi chiamo Mihaela e sono contenta di conoscerti . Ti faccio i miei complimenti per le tue creazioni .
    A presto !!!